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If for you travelling does not necessarily mean being disconnected from the rest of the world, Orange offers you the possibility to hook up to 5 computers, smartphones or tablets to an Orange France prepaid mobile hotspot.

We call it "le Domino". This will create your own WiFi personal network and full internet access over 3G.
  • this "internet-in-a-box" device includes an Orange France SIM card
  • the SIM card includes 500 MB of data transfers over 1 month

All of this completely free of subscription or commitment.

The count of communication is made as follow: First step indivisible 10kb and then 1kb The offer does not include calls or SMS.

Get started:
  • Turn on the Domino. The computer detects a new wifi networks.
  • Click on it to be connected and enter the password displayed in the back of the domino under "cle wifi".
  • You are connected.
  • Please note that you will not be able to connect outside of France unless you have a French SIM card to purchase a roaming pass.

  • The SIM stays valid 6 months after each recharge.
  • The 500 MB are valid one month. The month will start from the activation date of the Domino.

Terms of use:
  • Please note that the Domino is sold simlocked and so is only usable with an Orange France SIM card.
  • SIM card will not stay active if client does not justify his/her identity within 7 days after purchase. Orange won't refund the customer in such case.

The SAR (specific absorption rate) of 3G + and tablets quantifies the maximum level of exposure of the user to electromagnetic waves and is transmitted by the manufacturer. French regulations require that it is less than 2 wkg. SAR measurements may have been calculated with respect to a certain distance of a simulated human body. Refer to the manufacturer's brochure. Uses in France. Voice over IP Peer to Peer and Newsgroups prohibited. Offer internet connection mobility subject to conditions, on Edge, 3G and 3G + networks and compatible equipment. Includes an initial credit of 500 MB valid for 1 month. Rechargeable on – 12h max per session. Detailed conditions on List of available WI-FI hotspots available on orange Estimated time with a compatible device with a theoretical maximum throughput of 14.4 Mbit / s for 3G +. Piracy hurts to artistic creation.

Communication costs

In France:
  • Voice calls in France: 0.40 €/min counted/second from the 1st second (excluding special numbers and 700)
  • Price of SMS (from France to French mobile operator): 0.10€/SMS
  • The price of a video call (counted/second from the 1st second, first 15 seconds are free): 0,54€/min
  • Price of MMS (from France to French mobile operator ): 0.30€/MMS
  • Data price: 0,50€/Mo

International Call prices from France:
  • Call in Europe: 0,70€/min
  • Call in Maghreb/ USA/ Canada/ Turkey: 0,80€/min
  • Call in the rest of the world: 1,55€/mi

International SMS prices from France:
  • SMS in Europe: 0.28€/SMS
  • SMS in Maghreb/ USA/ Canada/ Turkey: 0.28€/SMS
  • SMS in the rest of the world: 0.28€/SMS

International MMS prices from France:
  • MMS in Europe: 1.10€/MMS
  • MMS in Maghreb/ USA/ Canada/ Turkey: 1.10€/MMS
  • MMS in the rest of the world: 1.10€/MMS

Roaming costs

CallsFrom Europe
and DOM
From Switzerland
and Andorre
From Maghreb/USA Canada/TurkeyFrom the rest of the world
to France, Europe & DOM0,35€/min1€/min1,18€/min2,90€/min
to Switzerland and Andorre1€/min1€/min1,18€/min2,90€/min
to Maghreb/USA/Canada/Turkey1,18€/min1,18€/min1,18€/min2,90€/min
to the rest of the world2,90€/min2,90€/min2,90€/min2,90€/min

Reception of calls when abroad0,10€/min0,30€/min0,55€/min1,40€/min

SMSIn Europe and DOM
(to this same zone or to France)
In Switzerland
and Andorre
In Maghreb/USA Canada/TurkeyIn the rest of the world
SMS emission0,11€0,28€0,28€0,28€
SMS receptionfreefreefreefree

MMSIn Europe
and DOM
In Switzerland
and Andorre
In Maghreb/USA Canada/TurkeyIn the rest of the world
MMS emission0,80€1,10€1,10€1,10€
MMS reception0,80€0,80€0,80€0,80€

Multimedia connectionIn Europe
and DOM
In Switzerland
and Andorre
In Maghreb/USA Canada/TurkeyIn the rest of the world
3G+/3G/EDGE/GPRS connexions
(standard rates)


20.1 Orange SIM cards
The Orange prepaid SIM cards sold on this website are to be used on SIM free devices. In case customer device is simlocked, he will need to contact his operator. Otherwise he can purchase SIM free devices on this website. Orange will not refund customer in case the SIM card is not working because his device is not SIM free

20.2 Orange France and Orange Botswana SIM cards
Orange France and Orange Botswana SIM cards are pre-activated. Customer will be required to send back his ID and a form within 7 days otherwise his SIM card will be deactivated. In case such happens, Orange will not refund customer.

20.3 Orange Côte d'Ivoire SIM cards
Orange Côte d'Ivoire SIM cards sold are not activated as this is not allowed by Côte d’Ivoire law. The SIM card customer will receive will not be working yet. Customer will need to go to any Orange Côte d’Ivoire store network with his ID to have it activated. This information is displayed on the product description. Orange will not accept any refund.

20.4 Orange France domino and Orange Côte d’Ivoire 3G dongle
Orange France Domino and Orange Côte d'Ivoire 3G dongle are simlocked. They are to be used respectively with Orange France and Orange Côte d'Ivoire SIM cards. In case customer uses it with a SIM card from an other operator, device will not work. Such case will not lead to any refund.